Since our inception we’ve run a number of successful intakes in order to grow our team in numbers.

If you are interested in joining our league we host our intakes regularly (check our Intakes page for dates and events) and hold weekly open-level free skates in order for potential skaters to come and test out their skills and learn the basics in a less formal setting from one of our team of coaches.

Contact us via coaches.durhamrollerderby@gmail.com to register your interest or to ask any questions you have on the program


We’re always on the lookout for training scrims and bout opportunities – if you’d be interested in coming to visit us for a closed door scrim or an open bout, or inviting us to come to visit you for a match-up please contact our main league account on: durhamrollerderby@gmail.com

Our current season schedule as part of the British Championships has now been revealed check out our upcoming bouts page for more information.